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Top Six Things To Experience in Pattaya

bom.m bom.m November 11, 2018 Uncategorized
Pattaya Beach

Pattaya does not run out of things to offer to tourists whether they be local or foreign. Lucky you if you have the luxury of time to experience all the best that this resort city has to offer. But for most of us who just have the right amount of time to travel and enjoy this remarkable city, narrowing down the list to the top attractions to see and activities to do is the best way way to go.

1. Watch Southeast Asia’s world-renowned Ladyboy Cabaret Show

You definitely do not want to miss out watching this spectacle. It is not every day or anywhere you get to see ladyboys performing their best wearing elaborate colorful dresses and costumes. The stage is definitely set for audience to be wowed and entertained not only by the performers but also with the gorgeous backdrop, music, sounds and props. Whether it be Tiffany’s Show or the Alcazar’s Cabaret Show, you would not be disappointed.

2. Experience Pattaya’s Popular Night Scene at Walking Street

At 6pm, the 500 meter-long street is closed to vehicles and transformed into one of Thailand’s busiest nightlife and party destination. The street boasts of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainments that glows brightly against the night. It has been said that you can go there every night for an entire week and would still find a new spot to enjoy.

3. Enjoy Thailand’s Culture and Food at Four Regions Floating Market

Thailand is famous for its floating markets, and Pattaya has one of the best floating markets to experience all the country has to offer. As its name suggests, the market is divided into four sections. Each section represents and sells products or items from the four major parts of the country. It boasts of 114 stores and water vendors selling a variety of authentic Thai food and products from all over Thailand.

4. See the Sanctuary of Truth

If you love seeing unique and awe-inspiring architecture of Thailand, then do not miss visiting Pattaya’s iconic structure, The Sanctuary of Truth. This structure looks like a hybrid of a temple and a palace which features intricate and stunning Thai craftsmanship. Each surface of the structure is adorned with detailed carvings of creatures, deities, elephants, people and scenes.

5. Visit Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Who would not fall in love with this landscape that takes you around the world with gardens that are inspired by European Renaissance Garden, Stonehenge, to mention a few? This garden is not just instagrammable, it’s also loaded with daily cultural shows. You can also witness Muay Thai Boxing, classical Thai dance and elephant show. It also offers accommodation and has restaurants for guests to enjoy. You can also go cycling in this vast garden.

6. Ride a boat and Spend some time in an Island named Ko Larn

This small but beautiful island is 7 kilometers away from Pattaya and is a perfect place to be if you want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Of course, there are more things to do and places to see in Pattaya, but these six are definitely on top of our list.